An unblinking analysis of the likely future trajectories of Civilization and its relationship to the biosphere suggest that humanity is hurtling — with only slightly awakened eyes — toward several simultaneous natural and political/economical crises.

My intention is, as Thomas Berry suggested, “to fix our minds on the magnitude of the task before us,” not to paralyze us, but rather to motivate us to the appropriate level of commitment, so that we may act and serve wisely. The assumption here is that right action is based on right awareness. To access right awareness requires us to surrender our beliefs, the ornamentations of our existence, and to willingly delve to the root and ground of our being. That, by definition, is being radical. Neither optimism nor pessimism is in order. The glass is both half empty and half full, and ultimately refillable. Let us not delude ourselves. Honesty —here, at least— does not mean speaking our minds and having exchanges of beliefs and thoughts; it means deeply questioning our own beliefs and thoughts.

- Carleton Schade